Suzanne and Rich Connelly started Habitat Clothes To Live In in 1999 when Suzanne was 8 months pregnant and raising a three year-old.  They had been selling at trade shows on behalf of large brands for over 10 years, but they weren’t seeing what their customers really needed.

As Suzanne’s own body changed through pregnancy and beyond, Suzanne looked to create comfort through style for the woman she was- and the women she knew.

They started small, with a thoughtfully designed T-Shirt line of just eight styles.  At the next trade show, they presented the collection beside other brands without telling buyers it was their own collection.  The line sold sold upwards of $50,000 that day.

Little by little, their basement filled with orders.  Then their entire first floor and up.  Neighbors helped fulfill shipments from the dining room table, accounts provided real-time customer feedback that was woven right into the designs.

Thanks to this ever growing community, Habitat Clothing now sells to 1200 specialty stores across the country and online.  Truly homegrown, boutique style.